edge AI

Edge AI for Secure AI Applications

Artificial Intelligence

Edge AI is the future of artificial intelligence. This blog post will explore what Edge AI is and why it could be such an important part of our lives moving forward. What is Edge AI? Edge AI is a new trend in machine learning and artificial intelligence that processes data generated by a hardware device …

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data labeling best practices

6 Best Practices of Data Labeling for Object Detection Models

Artificial Intelligence , Computer Vision

Data labeling is a process that involves adding target attributes to data and labeling them to train the machine and deep learning models. Data labeling is crucial in object detection to perform various computer vision tasks such as object segmentation, object counting, and object tracking. The potential benefits of AI-enabled technology for automating the decision-making …

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Computer Vision Agriculture

Computer Vision for Smart and Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture , Computer Vision

The recent advancements in Computer Vision technology are upgrading the overview of its applications in agriculture. The combination of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Machine Vision is making the world of farming more advanced than humankind ever discovered. Employing Agri-Tech is disrupting the traditional dynamics of farming by helping farmers in better crop yielding. Using …

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