About DeepLobe

Committed to building AI which is accessible and empowering, for all organizations

Bridging Business Needs with AI

We believe that AI has the power to transform businesses and solve complex problems. However, we also understand that the task of implementing AI solutions can be daunting for many organizations.

Our Vision

is to bring AI within reach of organizations of all sizes, empowering them to leverage their data to gain actionable insights and make better-informed decisions.

Our Value Proposition

is to make AI accessible to everyone, enabling organizations to transform their businesses with minimal effort.

That’s Why We Built

DeepLobe, a platform that enables organizations to seamlessly train, build, and integrate AI models into their legacy software, apps, and platforms with no code.

Our Approach

DeepLobe is a no-code AI platform designed to simplify the implementation of AI solutions for computer vision and text analytics use cases. 

Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, enabling organizations to create custom AI models quickly and seamlessly, without the need for machine learning or data science experts.

What We Stand For

Simplicity, Scalability, and Security: What Drives Our No-Code AI Platform


We believe that AI should be available to all organizations, regardless of their size or budget.


We design our AI platform to be scalable so that it can grow with our clients as their needs evolve.


We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their needs and create customized AI solutions.


We are transparent about our AI technology and how it works, providing clear explanations to our customers.


We prioritize data security and ensure that our AI platform meets the highest standards of data privacy and security.


We believe that AI should be easy to use and understand, and we prioritize simplicity in every aspect of our platform.

Our Leadership Team

Muralikrishna Karuturi

Founder & CEO

Ramesh Damma

Co-Founder & CSO

Pushya Mithra

Co-Founder & COO

Hareesh addanki

Chief Data Science & Analytics Officer

Our Partners

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